As a professional event planner you make it your goal to coordinate every facet of a meeting or event both business and social. Reunions, parties, expos, tradeshows, wedding…you work tirelessly.  From conception to clean up with multiple issues, such as confirming dates, times & venues, developing themes, selecting & arranging décor, scheduling transportation, preparing guest lists, creating budgets, negotiating with bands, key note speakers and vendors, managing contractors, supervising caterers and so much more.  TRIGON understands that you are completely committed to your clients and their satisfaction.  We also understand that one last minute change, cancellation or error and things can unravel quickly.

Your event is planned and includes a formal dinner seating 150 people.  One hour into the meal only 10% of the guests have been served. Being an Event Planner, you are prepared to stay calm in high pressure situations and are doing your best to rectify the problem when you notice that guests begin to leave. The remainder of the event goes as planned and you make those mental notes to ensure you won’t have that problem again.  Unfortunately you soon find out how unhappy your client is when contacted by her attorney who informs you of a breach of contract suit. And while it is understood the error was created by the catering company, his client (formally your client) believes you are ultimately responsible for thate error which caused confusion and frustration for the guests as well as great embarrassment to her.

With the DRAMATIC increase in litigation, will you be prepared when, not if, a similar situation occurs to you or your company?

A Lawsuit can have the single greatest impact on your current and future earnings.  The effects are long lasting. Even if allegations are found to be groundless, thousands of dollars may be needed to defend the lawsuit.  Litigation can bankrupt a smaller company or individual. Whether you are new to the industry or have been in business for years, you need to be prepared and protect yourself!

Let Trigon help protect you and your company’s assets and reputation with an Errors and Omissions policy today.


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