As a Home Inspector you realize the importance of your role in the real estate market and make it your goal to know all aspects of carefully assessing a home’s condition. Your report has a great significance in contract negotiations and ultimately reaching a final contract. We understand that the items on your check list can seem endless. From roofs, heating & air-conditioning systems, electrical, fire & safety to swimming pools, radon levels and improper building practices.  Relied upon by many, from lenders and agents to buyers and sellers, your goal is their satisfaction. Your clients expect you to detect every potential issue within a home and when those expectations are not met, the Home Inspector is easy to blame.  With so many clients, properties and details it can be far too easy for something to slip through the cracks.  As professionals, Trigon also understands that more times than not, a problem can arise that will lead to litigation. 

Our current real estate market has caused an increase in activity. This includes not only Home Inspectors but Real Estate Appraisers, Agents, Brokers and Mortgage Specialists.  The number of Buyers and Sellers has also increased.  So have their disputes.  A Growing Trend:  File suit against all who were involved in the transaction with the most likely causes of actions being misrepresentation; fraudulent, innocent or negligent.  Not long ago, thousands of homeowners brought lawsuits against home inspectors who they claim were biased toward selling the house on behalf of the realtor who gave them the lead. Your risk for is even greater when your lead comes from realtors.   

With the dramatic increase in litigation, will you be prepared when a client is unhappy or believes you are at fault?

A lawsuit can have the single greatest impact on your current and future earnings.  The effects are long lasting.  Even if allegations are found to be groundless, thousands of dollars may be needed to defend the lawsuit which can bankrupt a smaller company or individual.

 Whether you are new to the industry or have been in business for years, you need to be prepared and protect yourself. 

Let Trigon help protect you and your company’s assets and reputation with an Errors and Omissions policy today. 


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